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Special Pooja

On the special request of devotee we will undertake the special pooja work as desire by yourself with actual expenditure.  The amount collected from yourself will be utilized for the pooja expenditure.  This kind of pooja may be done in and around of tamil nadu. If the devotee required the pooja in tamil nature, then also we are undertaking the pooja.

spiritual speech:-
The spiritual speech may be undertaken on the request of yourself.  The speech may be delivered either in your temple, or place where you are selected. 

Pambanswamigal Songs:-
The Pambanswamigal songs, Thevaram, and Thiruppugazh  will be sing in the temple in your resident area on special occasion.  If the devotee required the pooja in Thiruvasagam also undertaken.

Spiritual tour:
We are undertaken spiritual tour also in and around of tamil nadu.