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Srimath Pamban Swamigal


In the year 1848 a child was born to a Saivite family in Rameswaram district village called Pamban. The child was named Appavu but later became known as Pamban Swami as he had lived and left his family at Pamban Island. A psychic predicted that Appavu would be great man of words and wisdom. In his school days, Appavu was very good in his studies and other activities and ranked high in Tamil and English.

At the age of thirteen, on a Friday at sunrise Appavu had a vision and was induced to write poems on Lord Kumaraguru, which he wrote immediately on a palm leaf in a facile pen in his coconut estate. He wrote one poem each day before his lunch for 100 days, ending each decad with his manasika guru's name Arunagiri Nathar. After seeing Appavu's poem, a temple priest named Seddu Madhava Iyer marveled at the young boy's knowledge of Tamil and his faith in Lord Murugan. Later Appavu was given upadesam on the holy six-letter mantra on Vijaya Dasami day at Agni Tirtham by the Rameswaram seashore temple and was made to read Sanskrit by Seddu Madhava Iyer.

Since Pamban Swami was interested in the holy life from the early days, his parents and guru Seddu Madhava Iyer were keen to get him married soon in the year 1878. His wife's name was Kalimuthami; they had one son and two daughters. Even after marriage Pamban Swami lived like a saint, mostly doing pujas and prayers.

After his father's death Pamban Swami took over the family business. He won many legal cases related to his business by the grace of Lord Murugan.    More »